Detailed view for Three Gorges Shiplift

Ship lift
Short description

Class I ship lift for vessels up to 3000t. The dimensions of the chamber are 120×18×3.5m, the maximum lift is 113m, the lifting weight are 15000t ~ 18000t.

Progress status
Currently (2013) in construction
Cost estimation
5.2 Billion Yuan (RMB) (or about 830 millions US$ )

China Three Gorges Corporation

Prime contractor

Overall design-ChangJiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research (WebSite) The ship chamber structures and equipment Design-KuK / LI  Joint Venture Tender design stage

Consortium work

Civil work-China Gezhouba Group Corporation (website)
Equipment manufacturing-WUHAN SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY CORPORATION, regional company of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation ( CSIC ),(



PIANC References for this project

a) PIANC, Ship Lift, Report of PTC-I, supplement to bulletin No.65, 1989

b) Support of BAW, Germany (PIANC members).

c) PIANC Seminar, Beijing, AGA-2008


Three Gorges dam is situated at Sandouping of Yichang City, 40km on upper reaches from Gezhouba dam. It is the largest water conservancy project in the world, and the most important project for flood control and development of the Yangtze river. The whole project consists of dam, hydraulic power plant, navigation lock and ship lift. TGP is a multi-purpose hydro-development project with comprehensive benefits in flood control, power generation and navigation.

Flood control: By effectively controlling flood from the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the Jinjiang River section will be able to enhance its flood control capability from the present state which can control floods that occur about every 10 years, to a level that would control floods occurring on average once in 100 years.

Power generation: With total installed power generation capacity of 22,400 MW, and an average annual output of 84.68 trillion-watt-hours, TGP will provide reliable, cheap and renewable energy to the economically developed but energy insufficient areas, e.g. the East, Central and South China.

Documents to download
  • Design of Three-gorges shiplift (In Chinesse).pdf -
  • General design of Three-gorges shiplift (In Chinesse).pdf -
  • Three-gorges shiplift(in Chinesse).pdf -
  • Ship-lift-at-Three-Gorges-Dam-China( Steel Construction 2 -2009) -