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Navigation locks
China, Yichang City, Hubei
Short description

Double lanes, each lane has continuous five steps(ten chambers), the total lift is 113m,the designed lift between two steps is 45.2m,the effective dimension of the lock chamber is 280m× 34m×5m (length × width × water depth at sill)

Progress status
In operation
Cost estimation

China Three Gorges Corporation

Prime contractor

Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research
Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute
China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
Southwestern Hydro Engineering Research Institute For Water Way

Consortium work

The Chinese Armed Police Force Hydropower Engineering Troops(no website) China Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC), and another 11contractors



PIANC References for this project

a) PIANC report on “Navigation locks” (1986),

b) PIANC MAGAZINE ON COURSE 131 APRIL 2008 1.Study on preventing and reducing cavitation of filling and emptying valves for high-head lock 2.Research on improving the traffic capacity of the Three Gorges ship lock by optimizing the conveyance mode


This paper expounds the superiority of adopting four-step operation mode for TGP lock under impounded level 156.00m during its completion stage, and demonstrates its feasibility with the hydraulic characteristics. After adopting the final optimized water conveyance mode, the cavitation of the 1 st bifurcation at mid chamber has been basically eliminated, and the working conditions of the lock under exceeding design water head 45.2m are been confirmed well.

Documents to download
  • 15c Technical paper (2008) - Three Gorges Ship lock -
  • 15d- PIANC AGA 2008 - Three Gorges Ship lock.pdf -
  • 15d- PIANC Paper (2008) - Three Gorges Ship lock -