Detailed view for Azmak and Kirpilik

NameAzmak and Kirpilik
Concerned RiverErmenek
Typewater filled
Short Description

Azmak I, Azmak II and Kirpilik weirs are located on the Ermenek River, in Turkey, and were built between 2008 and 2010.

They are all water-filled inflatable weirs composed of 1 span of 48 meters wide and 5 meters high.

Main characteristics
Water Head (m)Variable
Upstream height (m)Variable
Downstream height (m)Variable
Discharge (m/s)45-1000
Total length (m)48
Number of spans & dimensions

1 span of 48 meters

Weir height (m)5
Progress statusCompleted
Date of completion10/15/2010

Özgur Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.


BM Holding, Hydropower

Design group

Pro-Sem Mühendislik Mimarlik Müsavirlik LTD



Cost estimationN/A


PIANC References for this project

In progress


The main purpose of these three weirs was to produce hydro-electricity. Therefore, the weirs provide a constant upstream level to have also a constant water velocity in the turbines.

The weirs are located in an excellent agricultural area and it was so needed to minimize the environmental impact. That is why, in addition of ease of operation, inflatable membranes solution was chosen.

The membrane is normally fully inflated but can be deflated in case of discharge larger than the limit, allowing the water to go over the membrane.

A siphon pipe a used to prevent an over-pressure in the membrane.

During operation, leakage was observed from check valve and from air vents. In addition, during deflation, the rubber covers the outlet hole, preventing draining from the membrane. A new design was proposed to solve these issues.

Documents to download
  • 106- PReview WG166- Azmak I Azmak II and Kirpilik.pdf - 106- PReview WG166- Azmak I Azmak II and Kirpilik.pdf