Detailed view for Auxonne

Concerned RiverSane
TypeObermeyer, air filled
Short Description

Auxonne weir is located on the Saône River, in France, and was built between 2009 and 2011.

It is an air-filled Obermeyer dam and it is composed of 4 spans, 3 of 52.5 and 1 of 46.5 meters for a total length of 220 meters.

Main characteristics
Water Head (m)2.3
Upstream height (m)181.3
Downstream height (m)179
Discharge (m/s)50-1300
Total length (m)220
Number of spans & dimensions

4 spans :

  • 3 spans of 52.5 meters
  • 1 span of 46.5 meters
Weir height (m)1.4
Progress statusCompleted
Date of completion10/15/2011

Voies Navigables de France


Voies Navigables de France

Design group
  • BRLingénierie, Nîmes, France
  • ISM, Juigne sur Loire, France

CBR TP (VINCI group), Lyon, France

Cost estimation6,500,000 euros (2011)


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In progress


The dam is located on the Saône River, in France, which is used for navigation. An old weir was built in Auxonne in 1840. It was decided to replace it for safety reasons.

The new structure was built between 2009 and 2011 and includes an Obermeyer dam, a hydro-power plant as well as fish and kayak passage. Its purpose is to guarantee a constant level for navigation and electricity production.

The chosen technology is air-filled Obermeyer dam. Each span is composed of 8 or 9 independent bladders and steel panels.

The membrane and the specific elements for that kind of structure (clamping system, electromechanical parts,...) were designed by Obermeyer Hydro Inc.

The steel panels are equipped with deflectors to avoid vibration issues.

Up to now, the maintenance strategy could not have been planed. However, operators are fully satisfied with the new dam.

Documents to download
  • 109- PReview WG166- Auxonne-Gray.pdf - 109- PReview WG166- Auxonne-Gray.pdf