Detailed view for Canow

Concerned RiverMritz-Havel
TypeInflatable, water filled
Short Description

Canow weir is located on the Müritz-Havel River, in Germany, and was completed in 2014.

It is a water-filled inflatable dam and it is composed of 1 span of 6 meters.

Main characteristics
Water Head (m)Unknown
Upstream height (m)Unknown
Downstream height (m)Unknown
Discharge (m/s)10.5
Total length (m)6
Number of spans & dimensions

1 span of 6 m

Weir height (m)1.1
Progress statusCompleted
Date of completion10/15/2014

Federal Republic of Germany


German Waterway administration

Design group

Floecksmühle, Aachen, Germany


STREICHER GmbH, Bernau, Germany

Cost estimation1,300,000$


PIANC References for this project

In progress


The Müritz-Havel Waterway is a 32 km link between the Lake Müritz and the Havel River and it is used for small ships navigation. Weirs and locks are needed to withstand the altitude difference. No electricity is produced.

Canow is one out of 4 weirs on that waterway and is part of a renovation-program for more than 50 dams in the area.

 It is a water-filled inflatable dam. This type was chosen mainly for economic reasons.

The design is done using the Japanese Standard. Deflectors are also used to avoid vibration problems.

Ice protection is assured with a circulation system. When the temperature drops below -3C°, cold water from the membrane is replaced by warmer water coming from deep water layer. When the temperature is below -8C°, the membrane is supposed to overflow, which provides a coating.

A regular maintenance is done every 3 month and a complete one (with drying procedure) is planed to be carried out every 6 years.

Documents to download
  • 111- PReview WG166- Strasen and Canow.pdf - 111- PReview WG166- Strasen and Canow.pdf