Detailed view for HHP Ashta - Spathara weir

NameHHP Ashta - Spathara weir
Concerned RiverDrin River
Typewater filled
Short Description

Spathara weir is located on the Drin River, in Albania and was completed in 2011.

It is a water-filled inflatable rubber dam and it is composed of 4 spans, three spans with a width of 65.33 m and one span of 49.0 m with a height of 2.5 meters.

Main characteristics
Water Head (m)N/A
Upstream height (m)+23.00 m a.s.l
Downstream height (m)N/A
Discharge (m/s)N/A
Total length (m)245 m
Number of spans & dimensions

4 spans - three spans of 65.33 m and one span of 49.0 m

Weir height (m)2.5
Progress statusCompleted
Date of completion10/14/2011

Energij Ashta Shpk/ Albania 


Energij Ashta Shpk/ Albania

Design group

Pöyry Energy GmbH, 1100 Vienna, Austria


- Hydro-Construct GmbH, 4400 Steyr, Austria (rubber gate);
- PORR International AG, 1100 Vienna, Austria (civil works);
- ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH, 1120 Vienna, Austria (EM supply with Matrix Turbines)

Cost estimation2,000,000 euros (2009) for rubber dam


PIANC References for this project

In progress


HPP Ashta is the furthest downstream plant of the Drin River hydropower development scheme, established approximately 3 km below the reservoir of Vau I Dejes Hydro Power Plant. The existing Spathara weir was built as a tailwater reservoir in the seventies of the last century. HPP Ashta is using the Spathara weir for reservoir and intake.

The existing Spathara weir was increased with moveable gates, supplied with 4 rubber dam spans. The rubber dam solution enables a full automatic control of the reservoir level and if deflated, ensures and even improves capacity for flood relief over the Spathara weir.

Documents to download
  • 121- PReview WG166- Ashta Spathara Albania.pdf - 121- PReview WG166- Ashta Spathara Albania.pdf