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Concerned RiverIna River
TypeInflatable, air filled
Short Description

Kamo weir is located on the Ina River, in Japan, and was completed in 2001.

It is an air filled inflatable weir and it is composed of 2 spans of 38 meters each, for a total length of 77.5 meters.

Main characteristics
Water Head (m)Approx. 2 m
Upstream height (m)Higher than dam
Downstream height (m)Mid height of the dam
Discharge (m/s)Max 1,870
Total length (m)77.5
Number of spans & dimensions

2 spans of 38 m

Weir height (m)3.6
Progress statusCompleted
Date of completion10/15/2001

Ina river office of Ministery of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kinki Regional Development Bureau


Irrigation association of Kamo district

Design group

Sumitomo Electric Industries, LTD


Sumitomo Electric Industries, LTD

Cost estimationN/A


PIANC References for this project

In progress


The Kamo Weir was built between 1999 and 2001 for irrigation and flood protection purpose. It is inflatted during approximately half of the year and can be then totally deflated during flooding periods.

At that place was an old weir built in 1720 for irrigation. Due to heavy rains and typhoons, floods devastated the area several times, for instance in 1938, 1953 or 1960. Therefore the ministery decided to improve the river to avoid damage.

In that context, the Kamo weir was built and finished in 2001.

It can be noted that the membrane doesn't have any flow water aeration system.

In Ina River we can find a large amount of sediments, which had to be taken into account for the design. The pressure due to these sediments applied on the membrane deform this latter.

Documents to download
  • 102- PReview WG166- Kamo weir.pdf - 102- PReview WG166- Kamo weir.pdf