Detailed view for Marklendorf

Concerned RiverAller
TypeInflatable, water filled
Short Description

Marklendorf weir is located on the Aller River, in Germany, and was completed in 2006.

It is an water filled inflatable weir and it is composed of 2 spans of 21.5 meters each, for a total length of 43 meters.

Main characteristics
Water Head (m)1.64
Upstream height (m)29.35
Downstream height (m)27.71
Discharge (m/s)45 - 425
Total length (m)43
Number of spans & dimensions

2 spans, each of 21.5 m

Weir height (m)3.4
Progress statusCompleted
Date of completion09/15/2006

Federal Republic of Germany


German Waterway administration

Design group

Floecksmühle, Aachen, Germany


Gebr. Neumann, Emden, Germany

Cost estimation2,800,000 euros


PIANC References for this project

In progress


There are 4 weirs along the Aller River, all built between 1908 and 1918. Therefore, it was mandatory to replace them. As the weir site is quite simple, it was decided to build inflatable dams, which was the first time in Germany.

The purpose of this weir is to guarantee a constant level for inland navigation and to produce hydro-electricity. Therefore, the change of level has to be fast and accurate.

The amount of sediments is low in Aller River, but the ice load had to be taken into account. To avoir any problems, several solutions were found :

  • When the temperature is below +5°C, the cold water is removed from the membrane and replaced by warmer water heated in the tank (used to inflate and deflate the membrane) located next to the dam.
  • When the temperature drops below -5°C, it is supposed that the membrane is overflowed and is protected by a water coating.

From the beginning of use, only regular maintenance was needed.

The expected lifetime is 30 years for the membrane and 15 years for the electro-mechanic components.

Documents to download
  • MarklendorfWeirCivilWorks.pdf - MarklendorfWeirCivilWorks.pdf
  • 103- PReview WG166- Marklendorf and Bannetze.pdf - 103- PReview WG166- Marklendorf and Bannetze.pdf