Detailed view for Nanming

Concerned RiverNanming River
TypeObermeyer, air filled
Short Description

Nanming weirs are located on the Nanming River, in China, and were completed in 2014.

They are 4 Obermeyer weirs with air-filler membranes and they are all composed of 1 span of 60 meters. Due to the size of the project, two membranes are used on top of each other. The size of the gate is 8 meters high.

At the date of completion, they were the tallest Obermeyer gates.

Main characteristics
Water Head (m)8 m
Upstream height (m)1041.795 m
Downstream height (m)1033.795 m
Discharge (m/s)Unknown
Total length (m)60
Number of spans & dimensions

There are 4 dams, each composed of 1 span of 60 meters.

Weir height (m)8
Progress statusCompleted
Date of completion06/15/2014

City of Guiyang


City of Guiyang

Design group

Obermeyer Hydro Inc.


City of Guiyang

Cost estimationN/A


PIANC References for this project

In progress


Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou Province and represent a large part of the economy in that province. More than 4 millions of people live in that city. However, the Nanming River was widely polluted and had major influence on the well-being of inhabitants.

In order to improve the aspect of the river in the city and to help preventing floodings, the city decided to build Obermeyer dams.

The final project consists in 4 Obermeyer dams spaced of 1000m. The size of each gate is 60 meters wide and 8 meters high, which are the tallest Obermeyer gates at the date of completion. This size represented a challenge for designer who had to design a new anchorage system composed of 2 membranes instead of 1 in order to minimize the pressure and the foundation loads.

As the time allowed was short, design, engineering, gate fabrication and on-site work were conducted in parallel.

Documents to download
  • 105- PReview WG166- Nanming.pdf - 105- PReview WG166- Nanming.pdf